About MPH.com

MilitaryPhotoHost.com is a subsidiary of MilitaryImages.Net, the latter being a unique Military Community focused on the discussion and sharing of military related imagery. Our members there like the freedom of choice when sharing their photos, some like to upload to our Media Gallery over at MI.Net, some like to upload directly to an MI.Net Forum Thread but a lot also like to use third party Photo hosting and that is what MPH.Com is. Both sites are non commercial and exist for educational and interest purposes only. .

What Can I upload?

This service is unique in that we only allow images that cover a Military or Police theme, no other photos will be allowed. If any other images are uploaded they will be deleted as soon as they are located or another member flags them to us.(The only exception to that rule is if you are a moderator or an MI.Net Supporter over at www.militaryimages.net ) You must not upload photos of injured, dead or dying human beings, this will not be of interest to anybody on either site or any site you share the images with.

Who runs MilitaryPhotoHost.Com & MilitaryImages.Net?

Both websites are run by a British Military Veteran, MI.Net was the first and MPH.com followed some years later. You can get to know the Administrator Bombardier by visiting his profile over at MI.Net. He is an individual site owner not a huge Company and runs both sites as more of an interest or hobby (not a business), he does this with the assistance of great moderators and the vigilance of some fantastic members.

How much will it cost me?

It will not cost you one penny, it is totally free to use. We will have a donations button to help anybody wishing to assist in the upkeep but that is purely voluntary. MPH.Com will, in time require enormous amounts of webspace and bandwidth. I am sure you have seen the recent changes that a certain large image host has made, changing from completley free to demanding a huge subscription charge. We dont want that to happen and we have no plans to do so, that is why any donations will come in handy.